The 15 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds



Sleep is essential for every living individual as it not only relaxes you but also rejuvenates your body and soul. Without a comfortable place to sleep, it’s a long shot. But now, you can get it in the form of memory foam dog beds.

While you may have used it for yourself, the dog-friendly version has only recently gained popularity in the past few years. These beds offer a supreme quality and orthopedic properties.

Memory foam is one of the most comfortable and durable materials dog beds are available in. Although slightly expensive, memory foam is comparatively high performance than spring and polyfoam beds. Originally developed and designed by NASA, it is a highly resilient and supportive mattress material.

When lying down, this viscoelastic substance deforms to provide exceptional conformity and body contouring for perfect body support. The best part is, it quickly retains its shape to offer long-lasting use without any chances of sagging and sinkage.

However, vets and dog experts recommend not using ultra-soft and plushy foam due to stuck-in feel. It is also bad for your dogs’ health and bones as it may cause pressure formation. When buying memory foam dog beds, consider the following pain points:

  • Thickness: It defines the comfort level of your mattress — the thicker the foam, the greater will be its support and cushioning. However, if your dog has a nest sleep pattern, then you should choose thinner foam dog beds. Thicker foam slabs offer adequate padding to body curves and provide a cushioned and cozy sleep experience. However, the thicker the foam is, the heavier it will get, making your dog bed less portable. Typically, dog owners prefer a 4-inches high dog bed, but it can be thinner or thicker than this.

  • Style: Dog beds come in various styles that affect the comfort and appeal of the mattress. Commonly, you’ll find either a couch or bed style dog mattresses that can be placed in the bedroom or balcony. Couch style dog beds are comparatively lightweight but more snuggly, allowing your lazy mutt to nest inside for a couple of hours. They are usually portable unless your couch styled dog bed is filled with an excessive quantity of HD memory foam — increasing its density and weight. On the other hand, bed-styled dog mattresses are more comfortable and supportive for large dogs but take more space.

  • Size: Size selection is dependent on your dog’s breed and weight. Measure your dog before you choose to buy a memory foam mattress. If the bed is too small or too big, your dog may experience discomfort and soreness. Logically, you should get the bed twice the size of your dog so that he has ample space to stretch out and rotate.